We're here to change things. Get the big guys to think differently about the little guys. A challenge many startups have thought long and hard about how to make that happen, or even where to get started. We're very comfortable in saying we don't know where to start, and I think thats key to getting anywhere. 

Bridg is a mobile payment platform that connects merchants and customers via their smartphones and bluetooth. Thats our start, plain and simple. Now I know what your saying, you just said you didn't know where to start, and thats right, because thats our start, but we  don't know how our start fits in to the grand scheme of things. Here are a couple of ways that can help clear things up for your start:

Is it disruptive?

Is what you stand for tilting enough heads, making people from all walks of life want to know more. Users, merchants VCs, investors, family, friends, strangers. How clearly are you seeing that light bulb above their head when you open up to them. Thats a good indication of disruption and how long people will remember your idea, and even share it with others.

The Beginning, Middle and End...All Good Places to Start

Thinking ahead is key. Feeling your way through where you sit within your industry will not only give you a stronger indication of where you're starting in the grand scheme of things, but also know how you could help shape that industry. Being too late, or too early doesn't always work in all industries, but startups have a bigger playground to work with. The sooner you stop seeing it as a straight line, the better understanding you'll have of where you stand.

Blind Ambition Kills

Don't be cocky. If you're not comfortable with sweaty palms and nay sayers, then don't waste your time. Embracing that feeling will get you farther and give you an edge over the competition. Even if those people seem uneducated or don't fully grasp you idea, they still have the ability to share and like what you do at some point. Knowing why they think they way that do will definetly help shape your decision making process.

Come up with your own litmus tests. Add to this list. Think about the experiences that you've had that unknowingly helped shape the value you bring. Articles like this one serve one purpose, to get you to see things a little differently, and once that avenue is opened, it will lead you to come up with challenges that are bespoke to you, and that way more powerful than anything you'll find online.